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~ Our Philosophy ~

ADHD was once thought to be a disorder that affects only children, but much has been learned about ADHD and it's affects on people's lives over the past decades, and it has become clear that childhood ADHD most often continues into adulthood.


While it is true that the disorder is almost always present in childhood, today, many adults struggle with ADHD because their symptoms were not recognized during their childhood. That DOES NOT mean that they don't have ADHD, it just means it went unnoticed.


The fact is, times have changed and in years past, the diagnosis was simply not given the attention it deserved. More and more adults are recognizing their difficulties in the workplace and in their everyday lives, and seeking treatment of their ADHD. At ADHD from A to Z, we are fully aware of this and seek to help those adults who have struggled as a result of the missed opportunity to diagnosis their ADHD as a child.


At ADHD from A to Z, we understand that ADHD does not only affect the person with ADHD, it affects their loved ones. Thus, we are keen to consider not only the needs of our patients, but also their families as well. 


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